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Chart Traders: Daily Option Selling Strategy for Nifty Coupon
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[33% Off] Chart Traders: Daily Option Selling Strategy for Nifty Course Coupon

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With TradeTron Setup for Algo Trading and BackTesting with StockMock

3.0 hr
20$ 29.99$
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Traders will learn one strategy for nifty option selling on daily basis.  Trader will learn  Strategy and its implementation in TradeTron. Strategy is backtest using stockmock. Traders able to place order daily basis using Treadtron to Broker account(Kotak Securities) daily basis.

The goal of this course is to develop the strategy for nifty with good profits and risk management. This course will help you if you want to automate the trade of strategy using TradeTron.

You can expect to gain the following skills from this course

  • Option Selling strategy for Nifty

  • BackTesting of Strategy using StockMock

  • Strategy Implementation in TradeTron

  • Configuration of broker account in TradeTron

  • Algo Trading to Kotak Securities account using TradeTron

  • Option Selling Strategy for Nifty with backtesting and automated in Kotak securities Account

Before joining this course you must know :

  • Basics of Options

  • Basics of TradeTron

  • Basics of StockMock

  • kotak securities account (Any Broker)

This course is for:

  • Traders looking for option selling strategy and automate it with TradeTron.

  • Anyone interested in option selling  strategy for nifty with backtesting using order placement in the broker account.

I have try to explain simple strategy for nifty with its backtesting and 1.5 month my trading. I have also explain TradeTron code for above and automated it kotak securities account. Strategy is backtested with stockmock and giving good results.

At a Time of Course Strategy Results:

Profits: 499661

Wins(%): 72

Loss(%): 28

Days: 694

MaxDrawDown: -34160

MDD Recovery Period: 135 Days

Max Winning Streak : 29

Max Lossing Streak: 5

YearWise Profits:

2019: 150889 Rs

2020: 236479 Rs

2021: 112293 Rs

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