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Certification in Operations Management Coupon

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Complete guide applicable to any operational management functions and it’s different models: with downloadable resource

7.5 hr
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Take the next step in your career! Whether you’re an up-and-coming professional, an experienced executive, aspiring manager, budding Professional. This course is an opportunity to sharpen your operational management and production management abilities, increase your efficiency for professional growth and make a positive and lasting impact in the organization.

With this course as your guide, you learn how to:

  • All the basic functions and skills required for the production management skills.

  • Transform your product and service design skills and inventory management skills in an efficient way for the current business climate

  • Get access to recommended templates and formats for common production and manufacturing processes.

  • Learn useful case studies, industry practices and demonstrations of different production and designing practices with useful forms and frameworks

  • Invest in yourself today and reap the benefits for years to come

The Frameworks of the Course

Engaging video lectures, case studies, assessment, downloadable resources and interactive exercises. This course is created to Learn about operational management, its production functions and responsibilities. How to design product and service and its life cycles. The supply chain management and also inventory control management and different types of models.

Management of operation will help to understand production functions and lifecycles, and also product lifecycles that helps to understand the impact of changes in the product lifecycle through different types of stages. This video will also help to understand different types of the models that will help to understand the production function and responsibilities which is an important part of an operational management.

The course includes multiple Case studies, resources like formats-templates-worksheets-reading materials, quizzes, self-assessment, film study and assignments to nurture and upgrade your operational management skills.

In the first part of the course you’ll learn the most common operational management, its production functions and responsibilities, supply chain management, quality management control, different types of models.

In the middle part of the course you’ll learn how to develop a good operational management skills and production functions. You will get a knowledge on different types models.

In the final part of the course you’ll develop the ability analyze and solve Operational management or scenarios with assignments related to production. Inventory management, supply chain management and Practice tests.

You will get full support and all your quarries would be answered guaranteed within 48 hours.

Course Content:

Part 1

1. Introduction and Study Plan

· Introduction and know your Instructor

· Study Plan and Structure of the Course

2. Production function and manufacturing responsibilities

1. Understanding the production responsibilities and its functions

2. Operational management

3. Production related management

3. Product and service design

4. Objectives of product designs

5. Life cycles

6. Product design and development

7. Standardization of products and service.

8. Service design and its reliability.

4. Capacity planning

9. Objectives of capacity planning

10. Developing capacity alternatives and challenging

11. CVP Analysis

5. Process selection and facility layout

12. Types of manufacturing process, flexibility in manufacturing process.

13. Facility layout and its design.

6. Facility Location

14. Objectives and introduction

15. Need for a facility location planning

16. Nature of location

17. Selection of site for the plan

18. Procedures of location decisions

19. Techniques for location analysis

7. Quality assurance and control

20. Objectives and introduction of quality control management

21. TQM

22. Human behavior in management quality

23. The determination of quality

24. Quality circle

25. Kaizen Concept

8. Process control chart and acceptance sampling

26. Analyzing a process and process flow chart

27. Service and designing processes

28. Acceptance quality control and accepting samples


30. Make a final choice

9. Inventory planning and control

31. Objectives and functions of inventory

32. Inventory cost.

33. Inventory control system

34. Inventory costing methods

35. Electronic data interchange

36. E- commerce.

10. Different types of models

37. EOQ Model

38. Objectives of EOQ models and more complex models.

39. Inventory Models

40. Objectives and introduction of inventory models

11. ABC Classification

41. Objectives and introduction

42. ABC classification and analysis

43. Other classification system

Part 2

12. Supply chain management and JIT

44. Introduction and objectives of supply chain management

45. Logistics EDI

46. E-Commerce

47. Requirement for s supply chain management.

48. The steps for making decision in supply chain management

13. Purchase

49. Objectives and introduction of purchasing

50. Purchasing cycle

51. Ethics in purchasing

Part 3

14. Assignments

52. Assignment Questions

53. Practice Test 1

54. Practice Test 2

Downloadable Resources and Templates

1. Contract Management Report

2. Basic Operational Plan Template

3. Structured Operational Plan Template

4. Operation Management Transcript

5. Performance Management Checklist

6. Product Design Mind Map sample

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