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Cat Sitting Pet Care Home Business Coupon

[25% Off] Cat Sitting Pet Care Home Business Course Coupon

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Cats love familiar surroundings, you could provide a solution to the unnecessary stress and trauma catteries can cause.

1.5 hr
15$ 19.99$
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Cats are so much fun to work with and within this mini-course, I will show you how you can turn a love of cats into a home-based cat sitting pet care business. I will show you how looking after cats in the pet care industry is not only much easier but looking after cats is much less hassle than walking dogs.

Spending your days cuddling fluff balls can be your dream job, with a little effort and a love of all things cats, I can guide you to run your very own cat care business, either full time or as a side hustle.

In this course, you will learn all about

  1. Cat Care

  2. Kitten Care

  3. Common illnesses

  4. Handling Cats

  5. Administering medicines

  6. Handling Emergencies

  7. Meeting Clients

  8. Building a Website

  9. Keywords

  10. Business Directories

  11. Facebook pages

  12. Facebook selling sites

  13. Advertising Your New Business Online

  14. Traditional advertising

  15. Obtaining free advertising

  16. Business Clothing

This course is suited to those looking to quit the daily rat race and do something they love, if cats are your thing then you're going to love working with these cute bundles of fun every single day. Not only that but this business can easily be run alongside any current commitments due to the nature of how it all works.

This guide will show you everything from setting up your online presence to learning all about cat care and finally learning about meeting your clients. Stand out from the crowd and offer a fully personalized cat care service, completely unique from a cattery and for most cats a much less stressful situation, helping you offer a truly desirable service.

Now, are you ready to learn all about taking care of cats in your town or city? I promise you if you love cats you are going to love learning about taking care of them for a living.

We all know cats are very curious creatures, but cats are territorial animals, they truly do not like being taken away from their environment. In my experience, cats that are taken away from their homes become stressed and in extreme cases develop stress-related illnesses.

You can be the solution to a very common problem, a cat owner goes away on holiday or on a business trip and leaves their cat in the care of a cattery or their next-door neighbor, this can cause a large amount of stress to some cats. Providing a service that allows the cat to remain in their own familiar environment and have daily attention from someone who loves cats, is truly a win-win scenario for you and the cats' owner. Your service will remove all the stress from the cat being left in an unfamiliar environment, you get to spend your days cuddling loveable creatures and finally, the client doesn't have to worry about organizing a cattery.

I have over 10 years of experience looking after all types of domestic animals, starting back in 2010, I began my pet care career as a dog walker. I have a vast amount of experience to share with you, go and sign up now to start your new adventure with the help of someone who has done it all.

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