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Career Development Course Coupon
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[62% Off] Career Development Course Course Coupon

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Career Development Lessons

3.0 hr
15$ 39.99$
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"Career development is the progressive development of individuals within their own set of problems, themes and tasks. Career development is another process that allows employees to realize their career goals and objectives by giving them the power to develop, evaluate and expand their unique abilities (Kozak 2001, 19).

Career development is the result of a very important decision and responsibility understanding of individuals and organizations in business life. Individuals and organizations want to develop more and improve their performance by considering existing positions and evaluating educational opportunities. The process of activation by following a specific plan to improve the performance of the individual can be defined as career development. "

In this course, you will find much more with video lessons.

Career; It is the person experiencing a further movement from his current situation with the efforts he makes to move his current situation to a planned position, even if partially.

Although every person can make certain plans for his professional life, it is not always possible to keep these plans at the targeted point. However, every progress made in the efforts to reach that point actually constitutes the points of the career before the target.

In this process, every investment made by the person who makes career planning will be sufficient to express that person's career as a result.

Although the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to career is a person's job, this is actually not exactly true. In addition to being promoted in a successful job, it is important to have a connection between the job that the person does and the job he likes. In other words, instead of compulsory success, the professional life that a person creates by achieving at least some of his goals fits the real career definition.

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