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Career Counselling Module- 1 Coupon
Personal Development

[100% Off] Career Counselling Module- 1 Free Course Coupon

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Meaning of Career Counselling, Importance of Career Counselling, Finding Career Counsellor, Reasons for Career Change

1.5 hr
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1. What is the meaning of Career Counselling?

2. What is the importance of Career Counseling?

3. Do you agree with the statement: “Career Counseling can be beneficial for people of all ages and stages of their careers.”

4.  Who are Career Counselors?

5. Why decision regarding career is one of the most crucial decisions of our lives?

6. Generally we choose our career or job on the basis of some common factors. What are those?

7. What may happen if we take decision regarding our career on the basis of inadequate knowledge and/or under societal pressure?

8. What are most common reasons due to which someone may need or want to change career at some point in their lives?

9. In case of adverse family circumstances such as serious illness of a family member, whether we should accept promotion and go to new place or forego promotion and take care of sick family member?

10. What are those situations when we might consider seeking the help of a career counsellor?

11. Per-visit vs. Package career counselling: Which is right for you?

12. What are the different ways to find the right counsellor or coach?

13. While selecting a career counselor, we should schedule consultation, ask him questions and trust our instincts. Why?

14. Write a few lines on the Career Counselling Process?

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