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CAP Certified Authorization Professional Practice Exam Coupon
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[-11% Off] CAP Certified Authorization Professional Practice Exam Course Coupon

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Attend this CAP Certified Authorization Professional Practice Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam

3.0 hr
200$ 179.99$
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Sample Questions:

Which of the following people is responsible for the preparation and presentation of reports on the security status for organizations?

Chief Information Officer

Senior Agency Information Security Officer

Common Control Provider

authorizing Official


What does octave?

Operationally Computer Threat, Asset, and Vulnerability Assessment

Operationally Critical Threat, Asset, and Vulnerability

Operationally Computer threat, asset and vulnerability elimination

Operationally Critical Threat, Asset, and Vulnerability elimination


Which of the following professionals C & A plays the role of a consultant?

Engineer System Information

Security (ISSE)

Chief Information Officer (CIO) authorizing Official

owner Information


In which of the following do not object security elements maintain its authenticity and is intentionally modified by authorized parties?






Which of the following recovery plans include a monitoring process and trigger for the start of Actions?

business continuity plan

Emergency plan

the operational plan Continuity

disaster recovery plan


Walter is the project manager for a large construction project. It will work with multiple vendors on the project. Vendors will provide materials and manpower to various parts of the project.Some the planned works are very dangerous, so Walter has implemented the security requirements for all suppliers and its project team. Interested parties for the project new requirements were added, which caused new risks in the project. A seller has identified a new risk that could affect the project, if it comes into fruition. Walter agrees with the seller and updated risk register and created potential risk responses to mitigate the risk. What should Walter also update in this scenario we consider the risk event?

Project contract with the supplier

project communication plan

Project Management Plan

the project purpose statement


During which of the following processes matrix, probability and impact is prepared?

Replies Risk Plan

Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

Risk Monitoring and Control


During the qualitative analysis of risk you want to define the urgency of the risk assessment. All of the following are risk indicators priorities but which one?


Project cost

Warning signs

Risk assessment


Which of the following statements about the Discretionary Access Control List (DACL) is true?

It is a list of rules that contains access control entries.

Specifies whether an activity for revision must be made when an object attempts to access a resource.

It is a list that contains the user accounts, groups, and computers that are allowed (or denied) access to the object.

It is a unique number that identifies a user, group and computer accounts


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