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[100% Off] Campus Placements & Corporate Relations Excellence Free Course Coupon

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Best Practices from IIM Udaipur to place 100% of your students at higher CTC

2.5 hr
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Want to place 100% of your students at higher CTC?

Take a look at this course only where you will

· Not only learn how to gain excellence in Campus Placements & Corporate Relations but also

· See them applied in real life case examples

· Preview many lectures for free to see the content for yourself

· Clear your doubts on this topic any time while doing the course

· Get Udemy’s 30 days Money Back Guarantee

I learned personally about campus placement and corporate relations excellence when I first got involved in placing students at Indian Institute of Management Udaipur (IIMU). Based on my successes, I was invited to head the IIMU Placement Office to address the challenge of placing 100% students at higher CTC.

I was able to formulate a winning corporate relations strategy, build an outstanding team and implement the strategy successfully with the help of a strong Preparation Team and Student Body.

I bring all those learnings to you in this course so that you can also place 100% of the students at higher CTC by gaining excellence in campus placements and corporate relations

Preview for yourself First Two lectures free. If you like the content, enroll for the course, enjoy and learn  to place 100% of your students at higher CTC! If don't like the content, please message about how can we modify it to meet your expectations.

Please remember that this course comes with Udemy’s 30 days Money Back Guarantee using which you can get a full refund if you are not satisfied even after doing the full course

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