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C_HANAIMP_1 - SAP HANA Application Associate Exam Coupon
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Sample Questions

Q) Which of the following components can be used to create a view to calculating SAP HANA Studio GUI? (Choose two)

a) data Fund

b) aggregation

c) Join

d) executive

e) privilege

Q) When replication is suspended table that the processing server in the SAP landscape (SLT) to do?

a) This prevents RFC starting compound for reading system log tables.

b) It removes the database triggers and tables System log sources.

c) It stops the RFC connection and removes the target table in SAP HANA.

d) He continues to be read out via an RFC connection from the source system, but does not load data into SAP HANA.

e) None

Q) Which of the following may be part of an analytical view? (Choose three)

a) Query Processing

b) Unions

c) seal logic

d) Information Foundation

e) attributes

Q) Which tool is used to provide real-time data in SAP HANA?

a) SAP-terrain transformation (TA)

b) SAP Business Objects Information Management Federation

c) SAP Business Objects Data Services

d) SAP Direct connection extractor (DXC)

e) None

Q) There are problems with SAP Business Objects Performance reports using data from SAP HANA. Which of the following you can do to increase performance? (Choose two)

a) Add only the relevant data in the report queries.

b) Avoid aggregation and work on the raw data.

c) Combine all the relevant data in the synthesis report

d) Use detailed reports or associated.

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