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Business Loan Broker: Product knowledge, Sales & Marketing Coupon

[-33% Off] Business Loan Broker: Product knowledge, Sales & Marketing Course Coupon

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How To Get Leads For Merchant Cash Advance and Fund Deals | 6-7 Figure Opportunity work from home

1.5 hr
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My name is Amir Towns. I started out my sales career in car sales. I loved it except I was only there to gain sales experience and I had to always be there to make a sale. I treated my car sales job as my college years. I was there 3 years, 10 months before I discovered brokering money. I sell other people’s money to small business owners. I sell the sexiest product in the world. The one thing that 90% of the world is chasing, I am selling. It’s perfect and you can do it from anywhere in the world. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme so if you are looking for one, you’ve picked up the wrong course. You will have to work, but you can easily make 7-6 figures doing this. I am going to help you avoid some of my mistakes and get to where you want to be quicker. Like I said in the beginning, I was a car salesman. I got burned out and had a young daughter and I have always known that I just wanted to learn how to sell then do my own thing.

How do you Broker Money? Basically, You are an Independent sales Organization or ISO for short. Your job is to find small business owners who need money for their business, the business can be a start-up, the business can be in different industries. I would advise you to pick a niche. (More on that later) Once you find people who are in need of money you then connect them to our friends (direct lenders) who have money for sale. You make money in the middle. Your don’t have to put up any of your own money to fund businesses. There’s limited risk to you. Our job is to simply find people who need money for business purposes. As long as you can help people solve their money problems, you will never have money problems of your own. You can make money as soon as the Day after you get started. In this industry we can get businesses funding within 24 hours and we get paid from the direct lenders after the business is funded. In this course, you will learn how to find deals, how to sell and have the opportunity to work with me directly.

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