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Duration: 3.0 hours

Guide To Finding Your Niche In Interior Design And Starting Your Own Business

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Do you ever wonder whether you should start your own interior design company?

It's easy to see why it's such an attractive career—you could trade in your everyday routine and/or unsatisfying office job for days spent looking at beautiful furniture and fabrics, meeting with fascinating clients ready to engage in great design, or interacting at prestigious interior design shows.

Of course, the challenge of establishing your own interior design company requires a variety of additional layers, such as deciding what to charge, selling your expertise, creating a marketing plan, finding reputable subcontractors, dealing with indecisive customers, traveling to showrooms, and keeping on top of your accounts payable.

The reality is that starting your own interior design company necessitates a great deal of hard work and hustle (not to mention plenty of talent). Do you really believe it's your professional calling? If you made your decision or you're still planning to start a business, this guide will make your decision easier, clearer and will sum up all requirements and needs to finalize your choice.

This Course includes:

Finding Your Position in the Interior Design World

-What do interior designers do?

-What it takes to be an interior designer?

-5 established designer-client relationship

-Working methods

-Field of expertise

Starting a business

-Considerations before starting

-Preparing ahead of time

-Pros and inconvenience to running your business

-Choosing the best form of ownership for you

Planning for profits and growth


-Setting goals

-Formulating a business plan

-Planning for profit

-Analyzing the firm and its management

Establishing a Studio Design

-Choosing the location

-Market range and customer base

-Sizing Up the Market

-Availability of personnel

-Proper awareness

-Building for your company

-Leasing vs Purchasing

-Equipping your office

Building a group of workers and consultants


-Employees positions

-Employees title

-Independent contractors

-Hiring a consultant

Advertising and Sales

-Market development

-Sources for Jobs

-Accepting the right job

-Public relations

Charging for your services

-Job pricing

-80/20 rule

-Design service outline

-Charges and fees

-Methods of charging fees

Growing as a professional

- Continuous education

--> so join me in this highly informative course to Master the Interior Design Profession <--

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