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Building Youtube Clone Using Laravel and Livewire Coupon

[87% Off] Building Youtube Clone Using Laravel and Livewire Course Coupon

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Duration: 7.0 hours

Complete Course to build Youtube Clone using Livewire and Video Encoding Using FFMPEG.

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Join me in Building YouTube Clone Using Livewire Application Journey.

You will need basic Knowledge in Laravel. I will go through building it kind of live coding style in which you can see me making mistakes and learn how we can correct it .

On Challenge in Website that contains videos is how to encode videos ? How I can generate thumbnail ? how to play videos in all browsers . All of these points will be address using FFMPEG . 

We are going to use Alpinejs as basic javascript library to help us to build some dynamic in front-end !

Join me and have fun while coding :)

Here is what is included in this course :

  • Create new Laravel Project and do complete setup.

  • Allow user to create youtube channel while he register in the application.

  • Install and Configure Livewire and show basic model binding between class and view

  • Edit Channel properties using Livewire Component

  • Configure Validation for Forms Using Livewire

  • Create policies in Laravel to manage channel updates . Only Channel owner should be update his channel.

  • Upload Files like channel image using Livewire file uploads methods.

  • Modify Image after upload using image intervention package to control image size etc.

  • File upload section which contains details about creating video upload form using Livewire

  • Adding Progress Bar for Video Upload

  • Edit Video Record

  • Delete Video Record

  • Secure video deletion using Laravel polices and integrate it inside livewire component .

  • Video Encoding using FFMPEG .

  • Demo video to explain FFMPEG and how to integrate with Laravel

  • Video Encoding demo using command in Laravel

  • Create Jobs to handle video encoding , creating thumbnail and learn how to run them in the background to improve application performance

  • Adding Thumbnail to Video

  • Real time update about video encoding progress in front end inside Livewire Component.

  • Add video player using videojs and customize its height and width

  • Learn about video events like pause ,play, ended etc and update views column after user view video for 3 seconds

  • Complete Section about

  • Voting System (Like/Dislike)

  • User can like or dislike videos,

  • Show number of likes/dislikes for each video

  • Subscription Section : allow users to subscribe/unsubscribe to channel

  • Show channel information with subscription counts

  • Comment System : Users will be able to add comments and replies for each video.

  • Using Livewire with comment system to show/hide replies or show add new comment form

  • Build Homepage in which user will he videos from subscribed channels or general videos if not logged in

  • Add Search Functionality to HomePage

  • Style Channel HomePage similar to youtube

  • Add Video Duration to Video Card

  • and more...

Course Prerequisites :

  • Basic PHP Knowledge

  • Basic Laravel Knowledge and able to setup Laravel Environment 

  • Basic Knowledge Bootstrap CSS Framework

  • Good Knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript

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