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Building a Mold Resistant Home Coupon
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[50% Off] Building a Mold Resistant Home Course Coupon

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All you need to know when it comes to mold prevention during construction and remodeling

1.0 hr
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Many of you spend most of your time inside your home. Do you have a headache all the time? Maybe you have stuffy nose consistently and you can’t figure out why. There could be many health concerns you’d like to get to the bottom of and this course might answer a lot of your questions. I wrote my first book, THE MOLD EPIDEMIC because many people are experiencing mold sickness and they aren’t being diagnosed properly. There are many components in your new home or old home that could be making you sick. Do you want to spend the time and money to make sure your home isn't making you sick? I will teach you how to make little improvements that will improve the air quality in your home. You could start with something as simple as a humidity gauge or get into something as complex as a new roof. Whether you have a few bucks or a lot of money, we will teach how to build a healthy home. The course will take you through the exterior components and wrap up with the maintenance of your home. This course will save you thousands in doctors bills and repairs on your home. Do you want to improve the health of your home and yourself? Let's do this!

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