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Build Preliminary Country Marketing Plan/Note | Step by Step Coupon

[92% Off] Build Preliminary Country Marketing Plan/Note | Step by Step Course Coupon

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Guided tour to create the success document for the overseas target market & keep a constant track of the market pulse.

4.5 hr
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A step by step marketer's guide to creating 'A Preliminary International Marketing Plan cum Country Note or Notebook'. It also serves as a roadmap and reference for international marketing efforts. And also for a market plan in a selected potential overseas target market. A case study cum example illustrates the practical learning from the course.

Such a market plan can also help avoid entering into an overseas market which may pose serious challenges for success later. Moreover, such a market and marketing plan, updated continually, will serve as a reference point for marketing personnel already working in specific markets. It will also be helpful for the new joiners. In addition, continuous updates on the country note so created will help guide the creation of a successful marketing plan. So that it has maximum potential for success for the entire duration of business to survive and flourish in a particular target market. This country note along with new information added continuously will also help provide a road map for almost all kinds of marketing decisions. Therefore, it will surely help the existing staff as well as for the new joiners.

New joiners will find such a country note a quick guide to interpreting the new situations and challenges. Those challenges which they have to deal with in their new assignment/s. Therefore, the training of the new marketing inductees will be easily guided. Also, it will be facilitated by such a comprehensive and authentic country note developed by the company. Such note is based on years of experience and learning in the target market about cultural, economic, competitive analysis. Past market audits and marketing plans can also add value to such notes. Additionally, this material will be the guiding light for the overall success. And it will also help in increasing the market share of the brand or the product.

What all is included in the course?

Importance and significance of the country note cum international marketing plan, comprising

  • A guide and template to develop an economic analysis of the target international market

  • Template and guide to developing Cultural Analysis of the target international market

  • Market audit and competitive international market analysis specific to the product and/or brand.

  • Roadmap for developing a preliminary international marketing plan.

Notes and discussion on the step by step formulation of the above country note

Example cum case study of a country note cum preliminary international marketing plan

Keywords of the topics covered in the course

Economic analysis, cultural analysis, international marketing/market plan, international market audit, international market competitive analysis, international market notebook, country roadmap, country information, country guide, country marketing planning, marketing information

About the instructor

Dr. Vijesh Jain, the instructor of this course is an international marketing professional having more than 31 years of international marketing practice, research, academic, and training experience. He has worked with top international marketing companies to sell branded as well as unbranded products in several countries of the world. Dr. Jain is an alumnus of Harvard University, IIFT, BITS, BIMTECH, UOM, and NASBITE (USA). With several books published in the area of international business management, he has contributed several research articles in international journals of repute. Dr. Vijesh Jain has also been awarded the first-ever best Ph.D. research award by BIMTECH, India, a reputed B School. In the past, he has also worked as Director / Dean at several reputed B Schools in India.

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