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Duration: 3.0 hours

master laravel with a real world project

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This is a real-world project based course. It is geared toward beginners & intermediate Laravel developers who would like to level up their Laravel skills and learn new concepts that were introduced in Laravel 9 . This course doesn't cover everything that's on the Laravel documentation, but it covers all the concepts suitable for the type of a project we'll be building. Stay tuned for more Laravel courses for me if you're looking almost every concept that's mentioned in the Laravel documentation.

Here  is a list of features that are covered in this course:

  1. Routing

  2. The Eloquent ORM

  3. Models

  4. Migrations

  5. Database Seeders

  6. Laravel relationships and Eager loading

  7. Reusable Components

  8. Layout Templates

It is worth mentioning that in this course you'll also learn general web development skills outside the laravel frame. I cover database design, creating relationships between entities, integrating external libraries with laravel project and much more.

This is course is for programmers that are hungry for knowledge, and looking to improve their Laravel skills and programming skills in general. If you constantly seeking to become a better programmer, you've come to the right place,this course is for you!  Every time you sit Infront of a computer as developer, and learn something new, you grow. If you're obsessed with self-betterment. This course is for you.

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