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Build a Better Self-Esteem Coupon
Personal Development

[84% Off] Build a Better Self-Esteem Course Coupon

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Six keys to help you shape a better opinion of yourself

1.5 hr
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Hello and welcome to this course on gaining greater self-esteem.

I am David Barton, and I have created this course to help people like you develop your self-esteem and shape a better opinion of yourself.

My basic goal here is to help you learn to love and appreciate yourself more. Essentially that is what self-esteem is; it’s a type of self-love and appreciation. A measure of worthiness; how worthwhile you feel as a human being. This translates into the way you appreciate and love others too.

There are many components that come together to create a healthy self-esteem, and we will cover several of those in this course.

I believe that no one is born with an unhealthy self-esteem. That unfortunate state arrives as we grow and develop in the world. In this course we will explore some of those negative influencers and challenge the values and beliefs we have internalized from them which hinder our growth and enjoyment of life.

Actually, that is my goal for you; to help you reverse some of these negative effects which have been imparted to you.

If you decide to take this course, then please download and use the companion workbook I have created. The workbook is designed to give you the best value from the material.

I hope that you will join me on this journey as we delve into the world of building better and healthier self-esteem.

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