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Build 8 Mini Projects in Python from Scratch Coupon
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[76% Off] Build 8 Mini Projects in Python from Scratch Course Coupon

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3.0 hr
20$ 84.99$
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In this course, you are going to build 8 mini-projects in Python using different modules and libraries of Python.

Projects you are going to build in this course:

  1. Copy Paste Tool

  2. Stack Overflow Search Tool

  3. WikiPedia Search Tool

  4. QR Code Generator

  5. URL Extraction Tool

  6. URL Shortener

  7. Google Search Tool

  8. Pocket Dictionary

The Packages that are covered in this course are :

  1. Pyperclip

  2. urllib

  3. howdoi

  4. wikipedia

  5. google

  6. pydictionary

  7. pyqrcode

  8. pyshortener

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