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A zoom-in, zoom-out, connect-the-dots take on GMAT Problem Solving
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Loony Corn
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[100% Off] Break Away – GMAT Problem Solving – 65 Solved And Explained Udemy Coupon

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The Problem Solving questions on the GMAT are the easiest on the test – which puts the pressure on you, the test-taker, to nail them all.

  • The adaptive nature of the GMAT makes easy questions hard. Why this paradox? Because when you get an easy question, the pressure is on you to nail it – and nail it fast. If you miss on an easy question, the adaptive GMAT will relegate you pretty quickly to a lower tier score. And trust me, the pressure this puts on you can often lead you to get an easy question wrong. This is the paradox of the easy-but-hard questions on the GMAT.
  • Problem-solving questions, unlike data sufficiency questions, are very predictable indeed. So – don’t fear them. Adopt a methodical, workmanlike approach to these questions, and you will get them right with a minimum of fuss. That’s what this class will help you do.
  • Oh, and quick mathematical shortcuts are a big contributor to success on the GMAT. Use these shortcuts to solve questions in record time, or to confirm an answer you already arrived at using a more conventional technique. This course covers loads of such mathematical mnemonics.

What’s covered

  • 65 high-quality problem-solving problems, original, and prepared to span the range of such questions on the GMAT
  • 5 hours of step-by-step reasoning, so you can learn to think like the test-setters
  • Visual highlights so that you really get why alternatives are right or wrong
Instructors: Loony Corn

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