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Branding Strategy Masterclass Coupon

[77% Off] Branding Strategy Masterclass Course Coupon

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How to Create a Strong Brand Identity & Build Brand Recognition & Trust

3.0 hr
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Many people underestimate the importance that Branding has to play in the success of their Business.

Often they assume that it is just a matter of picking a few nice colors and an image, then throwing it together to form a logo.

But in reality, Branding is far more than this and vital to the success of your business because it helps to:

  • Build recognition and trust.

  • Attract your ideal customers to your Business.

  • Differentiate your Business above and away from the competition.

  • Prevents you from having to compete on price.

  • Enables you to win more customers, who are willing to pay more.

During this Branding Strategy Masterclass, I'll teach you the four components of Brand Strategy, so that you can create a strong Brand Identity for your business, including:

  1. Brand Strategy - to start building an effective Brand Strategy, you need to answer some important questions about who you are, what you do, and why it matters to your customers so that you can really begin to gain brand clarity. Once you have figured out answers to these questions, it's important to communicate them over and over again to your customers. During this training, I'll take you step-by-step through the process to build your brand strategy.

  2. Brand Creative - Once you're clear on your Brand Strategy, I'll walk you through the second piece of Brand Development, which is Brand Creative. This involves developing all of the visual pieces that will make up your brand, including your logo, fonts, color palette, patterns, and photos.

  3. Brand Maintenance - Once you have decided upon your Brand Strategy and Creative, I'll then help you to develop a Brand Maintenance Plan, to ensure that your branding remains consistent over time and throughout your entire marketing efforts. This is absolutely vital in order to build brand recognition and trust.

  4. Brand Launch - finally I'll help you to build actionable steps for successful brand implementation and execution across all of your marketing communications, from website to point of sale.

I'm really excited to share this Training with you because I know you will find it invaluable in creating a strong, compelling Brand Strategy and Brand Identity for your Business, which in turn, will help you to attract the right customers, gain more sales and allow you to make a bigger impact in the market-place.

This Brand Strategy Masterclass is complimented by a comprehensive workbook and checklist, to help you implement what you're learning and put it into practice.

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