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Duration: 1.0 hours

Fundamentals of Quantum Computing, Quantum Codes and their Implementations on Quantum Simulators

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This course would enable you to gain insight into the realm of Quantum Computing. The students would be able to learn and develop expertise in Quantum algorithms, gates and implementation of these codes. The undergraduate students would particularly find it very imperative and for realizing their final year projects and reports.

Furthermore, this course is an introduction to the fundamental concepts of quantum circuits and algorithms. The course will provide tools that allow students to implement quantum circuits and algorithms using quantum computing libraries and to run them using quantum simulators as well as real hardware.

The following topics shall be covered;

1. Quantum Computing.

2. Classical Computing vs Quantum Computing.

3. Impact of Quantum Computing on Cloud Computing.

4. Quantum Gates.

5. Quantum Annealing.

6. Impact of Quantum computing in cyberspace.

7. Quantum algorithms and code examples.

8. Implementation and testing of all codes in Qiskit.

9. Quantum Robot implementation in Qiskit.

10. Quantum Financial Systems and Markets.

11. Quantum Digital Marketing.

12. Quantum Computing for Computer Vision.

13. Quantum Computing using NLP.

14. Quantum Programming Languages including .NET platform.

At the end of the course the student will be able:

  • To describe the differences between quantum and classic computation.

  • To build quantum circuits connecting different types of quantum gates.

  • To implement quantum circuits and algorithms using quantum programming libraries.

  • To run quantum circuits and algorithms using quantum simulators and real quantum computers.

  • To understand how to design quantum algorithms to solve multifarious problems.

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