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Book Marketing Methods That Always Work Coupon

[82% Off] Book Marketing Methods That Always Work Course Coupon

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Most Book Marketing Methods Stop Working - Use the Ones That Will ALWAYS WORK

1.5 hr
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  • More than 9,100 people from 138 countries have enrolled in my courses
  • 130 reviews so far for all my courses combined

A lot of book marketing methods work for a while... and then stop. Then there are the ones that will always work. This course will reveal these to you and show you how to optimize them for the best results.

Some student reviews:

Lan Anders wrote...

"I loved how this course showed the things that do always work, and why.
If you do your research, this instructor is the real deal - a successful
author sharing his methods for success. I also really appreciated the
straightforward lectures, giving loads of valuable actionable advice,
while skipping the unneeded talking head or flashy movie production
techniques other courses waste time on. I highly recommend this course!"

David M. O'Neill wrote...

"I liked the course very much. It provided an wide range of things to

think about, try, and "not-try" to make more money from your books. One
of the keys of this course is understanding that the book is a conduit
to sales of other things (yes, that could be more books!) Given this,
don't be confused, disheartened, and certainly not dissatisfied with the
fact that selling "a" specific book is not the main focus here - the
focus is making money through your books. Good luck!"

Soon Kheng, Chan wrote...

"Very refreshing and informative. Thank you, Mr. Ian Stables for sharing this wide range of knowledge with us."

I used to rely on KDP free book giveaways to bump my sales. I got good results. Nowadays, this method doesn't give those results anymore.

I've tried all sorts of marketing methods. Some worked, some didn't. The ones that did eventually stopped working. Very frustrating. Some of these methods required continual attention.

I decided to explore and experiment to find methods that would always work. As a result, I discovered a handful of highly effective ways.

Not only do they give good consistent results, but you just set them up once and let them work. No further attention needed.

Stop using book marketing methods that eventually stop working.

I am Ian Stables, author of more than fifty Kindle books. Several of these went on to become best-sellers. I am going to show you the methods that will always work. As long as books exist, these will work. Guaranteed.

Some have been around for a long time. You may have already heard of some. However, in this course, I reveal how to make this methods work even better.

I will teach you things like...

  • The book marketing methods that will always work.

  • What to avoid.

  • What your book must include.

  • How to make your books sell themselves.

  • How to get your books seen by most people.

  • Get most of your readers to buy your other books.

  • A very effective way to get readers to check out your other books.

  • Create hooks that readers find irresistible.

  • A way to make even more money from your books.

  • The way to increase book views by five times.

  • How to advertise in the best-sellers for free. (Good great results from this.)

  • Sell books without selling - Very powerful - (Big business have done this for years.)

I know you will benefit from this course. However, if you are unhappy for any reason, Udemy offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Watch the First Five Lectures for Free

I want you to succeed. I have helped many self-published authors to get better results. If you need any extra help, you will be able to message me in the course. I will help you as best I can.

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