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Book Cover Design Masterclass Coupon

[62% Off] Book Cover Design Masterclass Course Coupon

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Complete Guide to eBook Cover Design, KDP & Print Ready Book Cover Design and 3D Book Cover Design with Adobe Photoshop

2.0 hr
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Hi, Hello and welcome to "Book Cover Design Masterclass" - The best video series on book cover design using adobe Photoshop.. I am the team leader of the Netplus Studio Group and we are one of the leading Design Training Studios. If you are an aspiring freelance book cover designer or you want to learn how to create book covers for your own books, then this is the right course for you.

By the end of this course, you would have learnt to design eBook covers for digital books like kindle, book covers for print ready books like Amazon KDP books and 3D book covers for book marketing. You also learn how to apply the design process to any book from any book publishers like Lulu, IngramSpark, Apple Books and so on. These are easy to follow videos Instructions with step by step training all the way..

I will walk you through Book cover design process from start to finish and you will receive my individualized attention as i show you steps to create a creative and professional cover for books. Whether you are using Windows or Mac, you will be able to follow along just fine..

I have broken down "Book Cover Design Masterclass" into 5 Sections - 16 Video Series.

In Section 1, I will introduce you to course and to what to expect from the video series. We'll start with introduction to the course and how to get the best from this training. I will show you the anatomy of a book cover,  all the essential design details and all required elements on a book cover before we go into the practical lessons. 

In section 2, I will show you how to create eBook or digital book covers from start to finish.. We will cover eBook cover sizes for different eBook publishers and cover the standard eBook cover specifications for every major eBook publisher. Then i will show you how to design an eBook cover using a Kindle book cover as a practical example. I will show you how to work with all the essential Photoshop tools, how to work with shapes, photos, fonts, mask, brushes, colors, color profiles, adjustment layers, filters, how to organize your layers in an easy, professional way and finally how to save your eBook cover.

In section 3, i will show you to design covers for print ready books. I will show you the major book publishing companies to work with and we will go through the book cover specifications for every of these major publishers. I will show you the design sizes and specifications for all major book genre. Then i will show you how to design a cover using Amazon KDP book as a practical example. i will show you how to create KDP template for your amazon KDP book design using the cover calculator, how to work with book sizes and trims, bleeds, how to design the front, back and spine covers of the book. We will work with images, different effects/filters, add ISBN barcodes and save your final book cover design for print.

These are well made designs that are most likely to expand your creative range in the shortest amount of time. By the end, you will be able to create quality book covers.

In section 4, i will show you how to marketing covers for books. I will show you how to design 3D book covers. We will go through how to use quality design mock-ups to create quality 3D book covers for book promotions. I also have additional resources for you where i show you how to create your own 3D book cover mock-ups. 

Finally in section 5, i round up this course and show you how i am going to be updating the course going forward. I will introduce you to some of the coolest PSD templates that you need to have in your design arsenal. These are Quality PSD templates that i am going to give to you for you to reuse for your books or for your clients' books cover design.

By the end, you would have seen everything about book cover design and what Photoshop can do. This is no tips and tricks course. I am going to make sure you understand how book cover design with Photoshop works, how you work with it and how to bring your own designs to life. Book Cover Design Masterclass course will take you from 0 to 100, one easy to digest video at a time.

This course comes with all the Exercise files used in this course. You get Continuous Support and Updates on Book cover designs and the Photoshop design Tool. At the end, we also have some other exciting additional video content for you to improve on your book cover design skills going forward. This is a course you should have right now.

Let me give you a few more reasons to get this course!   

1.  With this course, you will be getting access to quality design training videos with all the Premium Resource files (PSD and JPEG files) used in the course practical lessons, so that you can download them and practice with them yourself to sharpen your design skills. You also get additional training videos from time to time to improve on your design skills.

2.  This course comes with expert and continuous support, which means during or after the course if you are somehow stuck anywhere, then I will be there to answer all of your questions.

3. You get Lifetime Access to All Future Course Updates and Photoshop Updates. You get Continuous Updates on the Book cover design course as well as updates on Adobe Photoshop. New features are added to these tools from time to time and i will always update the course to meet with the changes.

4. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. This course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee! If you are not satisfied in any way, you'll get your money back with no questions asked.

Get ready for the best step by step and one on one training package. Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you in lesson 1!

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