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Learn blues guitar and tricks of the trade from an international award winning blues guitarist
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James Rogers
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[100% Off] Blues Guitar Lessons. For Intermediate Blues Guitar Players Udemy Coupon

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The course requires you have the basics as I will teach intermediate and advanced ways to play rhythm guitar as well as ways to solo (up and down the neck) like a pro with a variety of backing tracks. 

I will teach you many of the things I have learned over the past 30+ years. 20+ years of which I toured with and opened for major blues artists at countless blues clubs and major blues festivals.  Feel free to GOOGLE ‘James Buddy Rogers Blues’. You will find out more about what I have done and how I am as a player.

The one thing I can’t teach you is, experience!

When considering this course consider this:

  • You get to connect and learn from an active award winning blues professional

  • Get FREE backing tracks (The value of these tracks is worth the course price alone!)

If you put in the time and practice what you will learn in this course you will have the skills and confidence to:

  • Get out of the garage and go sit in with any blues band at any local jam

  • Come across as a professional when you connect with other musicians and perform live

  • Play any blues song live without learning it before performing

The backing tracks are included as downloads

  • The backing tracks are not digitally fabricated. These tracks I physically went into the studio and recorded for this course purpose. Recorded with real live BASS and DRUMS! They will be a valuable resources for you to continue to use over the years to practice with.

  • You are NOT permitted to sell these tracks. They are for students to practice with.

Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to keep in touch, show me your progress and ask any questions you may have. Maybe one day if I make it to your town with my band, you can sit in with the band!

I hope you enjoy the course!

Cheers to the blues – James ‘Buddy’ Rogers.

Instructors: James Rogers

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