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BIM Execution Plan (Case Study) BIM For Contractor (BEP) Coupon

[-100% Off] BIM Execution Plan (Case Study) BIM For Contractor (BEP) Course Coupon

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Lear how to read and create BIM Execution Plan (BIM For Contractor), The conclusion of the BIM Execution Plan

1.0 hr
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A BIM Execution Plan (BEP), also known as a BIM Implementation Plan, is a comprehensive document that helps project participants move forward with clear roles and expectations. A BEP is an essential element to create before beginning any construction project, especially for those that are large or complex with many collaborators.

Through clear roles, responsibilities and real-time communication, a BEP keeps all in sync while ensuring construction stays on track. This is vital when adhering to tight schedules. A thoughtful plan also makes sure details don’t fall through the cracks or become last-minute change orders that cause delays.

A thorough a BEP is a powerful project accountability tool that keeps work moving forward throughout the various phases of planning and construction. A well-coordinated project starts with a well-crafted BEP.

BIM Scope:

  1. Design Model LOD 300

  2. Construction Model & Shop Drawings LOD 350

  3. BOQ

  4. 4D

  5. 5D

Course Contents:

  1. Project Initiation

  2. BIM Planning

  3. BIM Model Criteria and Guidelines

  4. BIM Team Structure

  5. Communication and Information Exchange

  6. Appendices

  • Appendix I: Definitions

  • Appendix II: BIM Coding System

  • Appendix III: BIM Model Elements

  • Appendix IV: Modelling Methodology

  • Appendix V: Model Quality Control Methodology

  • Appendix VI: BOQ Model Development Methodology

  • Appendix VII: 4D/5D Model Methodology

  • Appendix VIII: Naming Convention


  1. You will learn how to read and create BIM Execution Plan

  2. Implementation of the course with Actual Case Study

  3. You will Learn What is a BIM execution plan (BEP)?

  4. You will Learn Who needs a BEP?

  5. You will Learn What are the key elements of a successful BEP?

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