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Bible Study: The Daily Bread Verses Of God Coupon
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[100% Off] Bible Study: The Daily Bread Verses Of God Free Course Coupon

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Knowing and Understanding God through His Word

1.5 hr
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This course is divided into 10 Lectures.

  1. Where are you?

  2. Which mountain are you going to?

  3. God forgives but are you willing to change for Him?

  4. Have you ever talked to God?

  5. Appearance can be deceiving but can you see beyond?

  6. When will you stop worrying about life?

  7. Are you willing to follow Jesus Christ?

  8. God does not show favoritism.

  9. The immeasurable LOVE of God.

  10. God is EVERY man.

Anchor of Hope served as a daily discovery of the hope of the world and the anchor of our soul who is Jesus Christ our Lord, especially at these most challenging times. Anchor of Hope will follow through the daily passages of Our Daily Bread Annual Edition Vol. 27 or for the year 2021. I provided my daily insights and thoughts about the Daily Bread’s reading in hopes and prayer that it may reach out to you and touch your life. This I pray that you will find the Anchor of Hope today.

This course are for the following:

  • Those who wants to know God

  • Those who are interested with the word of God

  • Those who want to know about the Bible

  • Those who seek God

  • Those who love God

  • Those who seek the Kingdom of God.

  • Those who want to follow Jesus Christ

  • Those who seek to understand the bible

  • Those who want to study the bible

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