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Beginners Course Creation: Make Recording Lectures Easy Coupon
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[87% Off] Beginners Course Creation: Make Recording Lectures Easy Course Coupon

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Duration: 3.0 hours

No more nerves or stumbling - These methods and techniques allow you to record your course video lectures so much easier

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If you get nervous and stumble when you record your course video lectures, then this is the cure you've been looking for.

"When I discovered these methods and techniques, it became so much easier and faster when recording my course lectures. I'm relaxed now and actually enjoy the experience."

My name is Ian Stables. I currently have more than 100,000 Udemy students and have created 36 courses, including this one.

When I started recording video lectures, I would stiffen up and worry about getting the words right. I would almost always have to re-record lectures, which slowed me down.

I began reading books, taking courses, and watching Youtube videos looking for a better way. I tried different methods.

Eventually, through trial and error, I discovered the mindset, methods and techniques that made it easier recording my course lectures.

When I record now, I am not only relaxed but also enjoy doing it. By the end of this course, you will know how to do the same.

This is what you will learn:

- How to get quality equipment at low prices

- What to show while you record

- Four techniques I discovered make recording easier

- It's who you talk to that relaxes you

- Why it's not the words

- My secret to one take video recording

- Two ways to sound professional

- Simple method I discovered that makes demonstrations run smoothly

- The words to help them understand you

- Ideal lecture length and what to include. This also relaxes you

- Two simple ways to edit your videos

- Fast way to upload your lecturesHow to get quality equipment at low prices

Personal help from me

I want you to succeed. If you have any questions, just post your questions in the Q&A section of the course.

I will usually get back to you the same day. Sometimes it's two or three days. But rest assured. I will answer your questions.

Extra course bonus:

As a student of this course, you can get a free consultation with me. I can answer your questions and help you be successful.

To get your consultation, you just contact me by sending me a message.

Make recording your course lectures easier with these proven methods by enrolling now.

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