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Basics of Digital Marketing Coupon

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Learn to generate loyal customers through effective marketing | digital marketing course

1.0 hr
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Effective Marketing course is designed for those people who want to learn that how to generate the traffic to their business and how to earn more and more money by using the modern marketing techniques.

You may find many online digital marketing courses however this this special purpose course is designed for those students who want to learn the marketing in short duration.

This digital marketing course will teach you about the :

1) basics of marketing

2 ) Pareto Law of 80,20 for best utilization of time so that you can use your time for effective marketing

3)  Challenges of marketing and the way how to address these challenges

4)  Use of social media for effective traffic management

5)  Value based offering that is key to success in marketing, This course will teach you that how to identify the value for customer and how to satisfy them

6)  Conversion rate is big challenges for every business, in this course you will learn the methods to increase conversion of view only customers to serious buyers

7) Defining Target audience is big challenge to make appropriate marketing strategy , in this course you will learn that how to define the target audience of your expected marketplace.

8) Preparing the Bait for customer is necessary to make your marketing campaign effective , this course will teach you the different methods to create the bait to attract the customers

9) Trust deficit is the enemy of any business, this course will teach the students that how to increase the trust on your product through effective marketing

10 ) you will also learn that how to prepare the best advertisement campaign on social media as well as through email.

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