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Baby Dress Making Coupon

[50% Off] Baby Dress Making Course Coupon

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Create your own Baby Dresses!

1.5 hr
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With every newborn baby, a little sun rises. And with it, rises your ability to love a new beginning of all wonderful things. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could create your own set of handmade dresses to dress up that munchkin of yours? If you are a new mother, aunt, or grandmother, the joy multiplies infinite times. So here we present you a complete tutorial on not only how to stitch baby dresses but also to choose the right fabric, and the comfortable styles to go with it. After all, you want your little bundle of joy to be wrapped in the superlative of all things.

I am here to take you on a magical journey of learning to dress up a baby. The most comfortable styles like jablas, slip dress and button dress are easy to put on a baby and so we will learn them first.

Topics Covered:

#1 Introduction to basics of dressmaking

#2 Types of dresses suitable for babies

#3 Patterns of basic types of dresses

  • Front Open Dress

  • One-Piece Dress

  • Slip Dress

  • Button-on-Shoulder Dress

#4 Pattern Layout, Cutting & Sewing

In this course, we will learn about how to create the patterns for the above types of dresses. We will cut the fabric using these patterns and sew them into a finished product using a sewing machine.

Let's get started

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