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Azure DevOps Complete Solution using asp net core Coupon
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[100% Off] Azure DevOps Complete Solution using asp net core Free Course Coupon

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Mastering Agile CI/CD with Azure DevOps: Scrum, Boards, Build and Release Pipelines for Efficient Software Delivery

9.5 hr
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Dive into the world of Azure DevOps with a comprehensive learning experience. Discover how to seamlessly integrate Scrum methodologies and efficient board management into your development process. Learn to harness the power of build and release pipelines for streamlined software delivery. Explore NuGet package development and gain insights into artifact management. Elevate your skills and optimize your development workflow with this hands-on Azure DevOps course.

  1. Scrum Workflow Mastery:

    • Gain a deep understanding of Scrum's core principles and values.

    • Explore how Scrum enhances agility and project management.

    • Learn to set up and configure Scrum processes within Azure DevOps.

    • Discover how Azure DevOps facilitates Scrum ceremonies and artifacts.

  2. Repository Management with Robust Policies:

    • Explore repository organization and structure.

    • Enforce quality through code review, branch policies, and version control.

    • Master the art of collaborative coding through pull requests.

    • Explore Azure DevOps features that facilitate code collaboration and review.

  3. Build Pipeline for Repositories and NuGet Packages:

    • Design and configure an automated build pipeline.

    • Integrate with repositories and create NuGet packages effortlessly.

    • Dive into the world of build tasks and steps to customize your pipeline.

    • Explore a wide range of available tasks for compiling, testing, packaging, and more.

    • Understand how to integrate your build pipeline with your chosen source control system.

    • Implement continuous integration triggers based on source code changes.

  4. Multi-Stage Release Pipeline:

    • Construct a multi-stage release process for smooth deployment.

    • Implement testing, staging, and production stages effectively.

    • Explore techniques to incorporate automated testing and validation into each release stage.

    • Learn how to ensure the quality of your releases before moving to the next stage.

  5. Seamless Deployment in Azure Portal:

    • Learn how to deploy applications using Azure DevOps.

    • Experience a hands-on deployment process in the Azure portal.

By completing this course, you'll be equipped with the skills to excel in agile development, repository management, build automation, release orchestration, and Azure deployment strategies.

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