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390 unique high-quality test questions with explanations

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These are the highest quality practice tests for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam. These practice tests will help prepare you thoroughly for the real exam so that you get to pass the exam with ease. There are six practice exams with 65 questions each, and each set of practice exams includes questions from all domains of the latest CLF-C01 exam. There are 390 unique questions. All practice questions are added to reflect the difficulty of the real AWS exam. We recommend re-taking these practice tests until you consistently score 80% or higher - that’s when you’re ready to take the exam and achieve an excellent score!  All questions have been written from scratch!

Sample Questions:

You have been planning to deploy an event-driven microservices applications to the AWS cloud. You have around 200 microservices in the application. Which of the following services of AWS you can use to help troubleshoot performance issues of a particular microservice?

A. Amazon Macie

B. AWS Lambda

C. AWS CodeStar

D. AWS X-Ray

You have deployed a web application on an EC2 instance which allows users to upload images into S3 buckets. You have users all over the world for this application. Which of the following services would you use to make the experience as good as possible for worldwide users?

  1. Amazon CloudFront

  2. AWS S3 Accelerator

  3. AWS Global Accelerator

  4. Edge Locations

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