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Authentic Leadership: Actionable Practices and Examples Coupon
Personal Development

[40% Off] Authentic Leadership: Actionable Practices and Examples Course Coupon

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Leverage Your True Self to Improve Trust, Honest Relationships and Happiness at Work

1.0 hr
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Organizations increasingly expect from their leaders to provide meaning and generate a work environment fostering openness, trust and collaboration. Beyond making yourself and people around you happier at work, a more authentic style of leadership improves performance, creativity, and talent attraction and retention.

This course is for leaders and for those aspiring to leadership who want to bring both humanity and performance in the workplace. Whether you are an executive, a manager, a team leader or an expert, you are in a position where authentic leadership will help you grow, make a difference for people around you and for your organization.

The goal of this course is to build a solid foundation of authentic leadership values and skills, and offer good practices for you to apply in the real world.

To this end, the course will walk you through the skills of authentic leadership such as

  • Self-awareness

  • Empathy

  • Honest relationships

Throughout the course you will be encouraged to take action to unlock your potential as an authentic leader with the help of assignments, short quizzes, resources and concrete practices such as

  • Mindfulness

  • Moving Motivators (Management 3.0)

  • The Jester

After completing this course, authentic leadership will be part of your personal brand and contribute to your career success.

This course is a deep dive into the first theme of Agile Leadership, a course that thousands of students have enjoyed (rating 4.2 / 5).

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