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Atmel AVR microcontrollers connection to any displays. Coupon

[62% Off] Atmel AVR microcontrollers connection to any displays. Course Coupon

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Duration: 1.5 hours

Connection displays to Atmel AVR microcontroller. LCD display, TFT, 7-segment display. Various connection interface, I2C

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This course is about information display facility and connection it to microcontrollers. This course is designed for beginners electronic engineers and electronics hobbyists.

Any electronic device can be simple and complex, but they all need a means of displaying information.

Electronic devices use various information display facilities. These are the simplest LED indicators – with one color or multi colors, 7 segment displays with 1 digit or multi digits, matrix display, all kinds of liquid crystal displays (LCD) – it are character LCD displays and graphic LCD displays, TFT displays and so on.

By the studying the displays, you will get the knowledge about ASCII code. And by the end of this course you will be able to display valuables, numbers and letters.

Various interfaces for connection displays, including SPI and I2C. Libraries  for connection.

We will be exploring various display wiring diagrams. We can connect display to the microcontroller directly, or using the driver. Using the driver will save the microprocessor pins.

In this course you will learn how to write C programs to control indicators and displays.

The display control codes will be arranged in libraries, so it will be convenient to use them.

During the course, all projects will be completed on a breadboard and checked in. We will use ATMEL AVR microcontrollers and AVR STUDIO. I think you are familiar with the basics of electronics and C language programming.

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