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Astro - Build a Full-featured Modern Ecommerce App in Astro Coupon

[100% Off] Astro - Build a Full-featured Modern Ecommerce App in Astro Free Course Coupon

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Master Astro JS by Harnessing Astro's Zero-JavaScript Approach for Efficient, Interactive, and Modern Development

2.5 hr
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Welcome to our AstroJS course!

Leveraging JavaScript offers developers an excellent experience, enabling interactivity and leveraging cutting-edge tooling. Yet, needless JavaScript compromises speed, squanders data, and impacts user experience. Astro strikes a harmonious equilibrium, facilitating modern tooling within any chosen framework. It defaults to a zero-JavaScript approach, supplemented by an opt-in mechanism for selectively integrating dynamic features as needed.

The standout feature of Astro is Partial Hydration, allowing partial dynamism. Yet, this is just one of Astro's benefits.

Throughout this course, you'll grasp Astro's core concepts by crafting a complete Ecommerce site.

You'll start learning to build a modern web app via Astro by creating a marketing homepage for the website. Ecommerce components and features, like fetching and displaying product lists, will be integrated via a backend API. Plus, a user-friendly shopping cart will be developed.

Then you will be constructing a blog with an accompanying RSS feed, server-side Newsletter sign-up form, and state-sharing using ReactJS and Solid components within Astro.

You will master the art of API data fetching within Astro components, and experience Hybrid rendering by crafting sections to dynamically operate without mandatory JavaScript.

At the end of this course you will be ready to start building any kind of website and web application you want via Astro in no time.

So let's unlock Astro's full potential together.

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