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ASP.NET 6.0 - Build Hands-On Web Projects Coupon

[79% Off] ASP.NET 6.0 - Build Hands-On Web Projects Course Coupon

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Learn the Concepts and Create Real Life Razor Pages, Web API and MVC CRUD Applications Using ASP.NET 6.0

3.0 hr
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Hi there, I am Kaushik Roy Chowdhury. I am a Microsoft Certified Professional and hold a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Auckland University of  Technology (AUT), New Zealand.

I have worked in the software development industry in New Zealand with some eminent companies on various permanent and contract assignments.

These are some of latest reviews for this course:

"Excellent course with explaining each and every thing very clearly. I recommend this to have this course. Also kaushik it would be great if we may have some courses with JWT and UI in React,or if it is already there then requesting you to share the course link." - Ankita

"An Excellent Course"  - Mohamed Cisse

"Loving his class." - Anna Mann

"I'm Alfred and I must say I really love this course and it a blessing to me because this is what I've always wanted . thank you Udemy"  - Alfred Kporhor

Are you are a passionate software developer or an eager student of software with a passion for learning new cutting edge technology products, desiring to find your way through this ever-evolving and new web framework? This course will allow you to use ASP.NET Core 3.1 professionally for creating web applications using all the three project templates: Razor pages, Web API, and MVC.

At the time of originally creating this course, ASP.NET Core 3.1 was the current and latest stable framework version that forms the foundation of this course. However, Microsoft has released the ASP.NET 6.0 at the .NET conference held in early November 2021 which is the current and Long Term Support version. So keeping in line with this release, I have shown the migration of the major project in the course: Creating a Web API and Consuming it with an MVC Client from ASP.NET Core 3.1 to ASP.NET 6.0 Hence I have decided to rename the course to keep in sync with the latest version.

All the other projects can be migrated to ASP.NET 6.0 similarly. As the two videos on migration shows, the migration process is straightforward. That is the reason I have renamed the course to reflect that all the projects can be migrated to ASP.NET 6.0 with minimal effort.

This course begins with the objective to walk through the learner with the building of a few important ASP.NET Core concepts through coding example projects in Visual Studio 2019.

The course then leads them to build a Razor app to-do list with an in-memory collection. The same application is then built with MVC concepts to perform a comparative study between the two technologies.

Thereafter, the highlight of this course appears with a real-life project spanning over two sections and multiple lectures. The first section shows the building of a web API with sequential stages and hands-on coding and explanation. The Web API uses ADOdotNET technology and SQL Server database with Stored Procedures. Entity framework has not been used because of two main reasons: There are plenty of courses and articles showing the use of Entity Framework Core (EF Core) in the market place. Secondly, ADO technology is what EF Core is built upon and proven to be at least as good performance-wise. Lastly, I have now introduced a section that shows how to use EF Core to build a Web API using ASP.NET 6.0. So the learners have a chance to learn both the popular technologies for applications that are database-driven.

The Web API has Serilog NuGet package integrated for structured error logging in text files. This project follows a repository pattern which is a best practice in Web development.

The second section (part) shows the consumption of the Web API by an ASP.NET Core 3.1 MVC application for CRUD operations (as the front end). This application saves and retrieves to/from the database used by the Web API thereby extending the idea for learners to consume public API's through an in-house MVC client.

I have now added a section at the end on Creating a Web API with ASP.NET 6.0 using EF Core - Code First Approach.

The entire course has got a number of assignments, quizzes, and a practice test spread over the sections to self-assess learning.

Downloadable code samples and links to free external resources have been provided wherever felt necessary.

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