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Artificial Intelligence risk and cyber security course 2022 Coupon
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[25% Off] Artificial Intelligence risk and cyber security course 2022 Course Coupon

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Learn how to govern and secure Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems

1.0 hr
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is causing massive changes in our lives both at the individual and societal level with the global A.I. market expected to reach around 126 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. As more and more decision making is handled by AI systems, new and unique risks are being introduced due to rapid A.I. adoption.

AI governance and cyber-security is a new field for many professionals due to the (seeming) complexity around it. According to Gartner's Market Guide for AI Trust, Risk and Security Management “AI poses new trust, risk and security management requirements that conventional controls do not address.” This groundbreaking course has been addressed to cover this gap so that risk management professionals and cyber-security experts can understand the unique nature of AI risks and how to address them.

  • Are you interested in learning about the new risks which Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning introduces ?

  • Do you want to know how to create a governance and cyber-security framework for AI ?

If you answered YES then this course is for you ! This course is specifically designed to teach you about AI risks without any prior knowledge assumed. No technical knowledge of AI systems is required for this course.

With you course you will learn :

  • The key risks which AI and Machine Learning models introduce and how to address them

  • How to create a governance framework in your organization to enable AI risk management

  • The cyber-security risks which AI systems introduce and how to address them

  • How to implement security controls at each phase of the Machine Learning lifecycle

Lets get started !

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