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A set of hand-picked courses put together with the sole aim of making learning AI & Machine Learning easy. This comprehensive E-Degree program includes 6 courses, myriad of projects, numerous source code snippets and much more!
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Eduonix Learning Solutions,Michael Mustaine,Timothy Young
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Why This E-Degree 

Welcome to the complete E-Degree program which will redefine the way of teaching AI & ML online. It is a master program which comprises some of the best hand-picked courses related to Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. This E-Degree is a one-stop solution for giving you in-depth insights into the concepts for the same. Moreover, unlike other online tutorials, this program will be more of a practical in nature which will significantly simplify the learning for any student.

This E-Degree includes 6 major courses which mainly focuses on Python, R, various tools for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Algorithms, and much more. Going beyond the online tutorials, it also includes numerous projects, case studies, quizzes, tips & trick and many other exciting stuffs. All of these resources are sufficient enough to build your conceptual understanding and sharpen your practical skills.

Benefits of Ai and Ml

It is a structured program designed and created by some of the best instructors who have worked in the industry and have created real-world ML solutions. They will prepare you for all the challenges of AI & ML technology. Initially, the program starts with Introduction to Python programming language and then explains all the concepts in a step-by-step manner. Data Analysis, Regression Analysis, AI Research, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning and Neural Networks are some of the most important aspects of AI & Machine Learning which are explained from the very beginning to the expert level. In this E-Degree, you’ll learn:

  • Foundational programming knowledge required for AI & ML
  • All the mathematical and foundational concepts of AI & ML
  • Important tools for creating AI & ML solutions
  • Different AI & ML related algorithms
  • Practical Solution for real-world problems
  • And much more!

Lastly, several quizzes, real-life test cases, exams, certification and many other essential things complete this E-Degree. After completion, this program will make you confident enough to take or work on any real-world projects.

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