[100% Off] Articulate Storyline 2 eLearning Game Design Udemy Coupon


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Learn 2 years of Storyline elearning game design skills in less than 3 hours!
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Course Instructor:
Alexander Salas
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[100% Off] Articulate Storyline 2 eLearning Game Design Udemy Coupon

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Are you an experienced learning professional or someone tasked with creating elearning content with Storyline? Do you have basic or intermediate experience using Storyline but, want to be more creative? If so, this course will be highly valuable for you. Regardless of your level of expertise, this is a great opportunity to learn as you create a project and learn about game design in general.  The course is ideal for Instructional Designers looking to upgrade their Storyline skills or simply for anyone interested in learning how to create games with a free trial of Storyline 3 or 360. The experience and combination of skills learned here can be surely applied to any other project.  Check it out and let your friends know about it ;  )

Instructors: Alexander Salas

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