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Art Therapy and Dementia Coupon
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[79% Off] Art Therapy and Dementia Course Coupon

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Art Therapy, Dementia and Risk Reduction

3.0 hr
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This is a course that is in several stages:

1. We discuss what dementia IS - and what it is not

2. We examine how dementia affects different people in different ways

3. We look at what Art Therapy is

4. We look at how Art Therapy can help those with dementia - or simply reduce the risk of getting dementia

5. We go through the specific benefits

6. We then go through a whole series of Art Therapy exercises aimed specifically at being of benefit to those with dementia

7. We look at studies about Art Therapy and dementia

8. Art Therapy also has a downside - we look at that too

The end result is that if you know anyone with dementia, after the course you'll not only know more about the disease but also a whole series of exercises and tasks that can be used to reduce a) the risk and b) the symptoms.

This course is very practical - the more involved you become, the more you share - the more you will learn. The course was launched in late April 2022 so it will take time for the Q/A to build up. Lectures encourage the sharing of the results of the art therapy exercises - as do the workbooks.

In addition to the specific Art Therapy exercises a number of 'tasks' are given that will also be of use.

Important to note: Although this course is about Art Therapy and Dementia, all of the exercises, all of the tasks will be of use to someone who is elderly and is beginning to show symptoms - not of dementia (you need a qualified professional to diagnose this) but of withdrawal and isolation (especially in this era of lockdowns!)

Second important note: Although the course is but a few hours long, on completion of the course you have access to any one of my other courses. Complete that and new access to another. So in a sense this course is 1,000 hours long!


This course includes:

a. a workbook

b. numerous links to other sites and homework set based on these links

c. Film clips of (relevant) films in which the Instructor appears. (this makes the film a little more personal!)

d. Regular Educational Announcements!

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