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Art Imitating Art: A Beginner's Guide to NFT Investment Coupon
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[25% Off] Art Imitating Art: A Beginner's Guide to NFT Investment Course Coupon

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Understanding what NFTs are, how to buy them, and how to sell them

1.5 hr
15$ 19.99$
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NFTs: modern art or overpriced jpegs? To the average person, NFT investment may seem like an odd fad that has somehow become popular in the digital age. But to the NFT community, NFTs are a natural evolution of the art and collectibles market.

In this class, we will explore NFTs as an investment vehicle. We will address what they are, how to buy them, and look at how they walk the border between art and absurdity, as they fall into the realm of novel modern investment options that have skyrocketed in popularity, attracting proponents and detractors alike. We also look at various different types of NFTs, some that have made high profits, some that have not, and we address how the average person can begin selling their own NFTs.

Throughout the course, we delve into the era of blockchain memes, virtual property, and collectible cats that represent a fork in the road of society, all in the hopes that you better understand these fascinating investment options. What does the future hold for NFTs? Will they become priceless or worthless? And what exactly does "Non Fungible Token" even mean. Join us as we address these questions and more so that you can draw your own informed conclusions.

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