[100% Off] Art History: an introduction to the joy it brings Udemy Coupon

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María Magdalena Ziegler
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[100% Off] Art History: an introduction to the joy it brings Udemy Coupon

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Art history stimulates creativity and innovation. It’s the story of us!

It contributes to the appreciation of our identity, our history and our culture in a broad sense among children, young people and adults alike.

The course will be structured in four (4) chapters, each of which will consist of a specific topic presented through short, zappy and vivacious videos.

The participant will obtain basic knowledge about some useful topics for teaching the history of art to children, youth and adults, which can be implemented immediately. It will even address the use of free digital tools that can be used to enhance the learning of relative topics.

The material is fun, fresh and specially designed to renew your love for the history of art and recharge your energy to teach it with enthusiasm.

Instructors: María Magdalena Ziegler

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