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Art as Therapy - the Instructor's work Coupon
Personal Development

[76% Off] Art as Therapy - the Instructor's work Course Coupon

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Art Therapy...done by me...done by you.

7.0 hr
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This is a very straightforward course.

  • 25 art therapy exercises

  • 62 lectures

You do the art therapy exercise. Whilst you're doing it you may choose to watch the lecture, hear soft music etc. This makes up Part A.

I, your friendly Instructor, also do the same exercise and post my 'work' in Part B. I also explain it. As part of the lecture I also include questions for self-reflection.

In many cases, people are returning to work i.e. actually going to the workplace. Therefore as a bonus I include some 'Office Games' - just for fun.

So, beautiful scenery, cuddly animals...what more could you want?

Ahhh, yes. A lecture on analysing your own work and another lecture where 7 questions are asked. The purpose? To encourage discussion.

So, what should you do with this course?

You could watch the whole course in a day, doing all the exercises but that would seem to be a bit of a waste. Why not do a lecture a day, post your results and discuss with others?

What will you learn?

Firstly, by simply doing the exercises you may well learn a lot about yourself. When you get to part B of the lecture you'll see the way I responded to the prompts and how I have (briefly) analysed my work. you'll also see Self-Reflective questions. Your answers are your own (or you may put them in the Q/A) and these will all add to your understanding of your artwork - and you understanding of yourself.

The final two lectures will give you more ideas about approaching your own work and some questions you may like to respond to about Art Therapy.

What makes this course a little bit different is that it is a series of very short lectures detailing an exercise and then a second lecture showing a piece of 'art' and a brief analysis.

That, I hope, will make the course interesting.

If you also do the exercises - and participate in the Q/A - then you'll learn...a lot.

Art Therapy Exercises:

1. Exploration

2. Spiral

3. Centre

4. Where am I now?

5. P,P...F

6. Morning!

7. Dotty!

8. Surfing the weave

9. Eggshells

10. Heart to heart

11. Arrowing in

12. Brain food

13. Intersect

14. Life - a game of two halves

15. Balanced outcome

16. Heal!

17. Your number is up

18. Free thought

19. Scream

20. Meter reading

21. Transformation

22. The Great Re-set

23. Peace Poppy

24. The View

25. All is one

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