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Arduino UNO Bootcamp For Beginners - 2022 Complete Course Coupon
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[76% Off] Arduino UNO Bootcamp For Beginners - 2022 Complete Course Course Coupon

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Master Arduino UNO Starting From Zero - Learn with Hands-on Activities and Many Arduino Projects.

4.5 hr
20$ 84.99$
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In this course, you will Learn To Create Arduino UNO From the very basics to an advanced level with 25+ projects Arduino UNO Microcontroller.

What is Arduino UNO?

Arduino UNO is a low-cost, flexible, and easy-to-use programmable open-source microcontroller board that can be integrated into a variety of electronic projects. This board can be interfaced with other Arduino boards, Arduino shields, and Raspberry Pi boards and can control relays, LEDs, servos, and motors as an output.

What you will be learning in the course?

  1. What is Arduino UNO Microcontroller?

  2. Basics of Arduino

  3. Installing Arduino IDE

  4. Blinking Built-in LED on Arduino

  5. Blink LED

  6. Multiple LED'S Blinking In Series

  7. User Input Control LED

  8. LED Brightness Control

  9. LED Brightness Control With Potentiometer

  10. LED Push Button Control

  11. User Input Relay Control

  12. Create Smart Bulb Using Ardunio through User Input

  13. Create Smart Bulb 2-Way Switch Using Ardunio through User Input

  14. Blinking Bulb

  15. Smart Socket

  16. Smart Socket With Timmer

  17. LDR Based Lamp Control

  18. Distance-Based Lamp Control

  19. Ultrasonic Sensor Measure Distance

  20. Ultrasonic Distance LED

  21. Motion-Based LampControl

  22. RGB Strip Control

  23. Motor Movement in all Directions

  24. Obstacle Avoiding Robot Car

  25. RC-Control Robot Car.

All the above Features and List Goes On...

What is Obstacle Avoiding Robot?

Now day’s many industries are using robots due to their high level of performance and reliability and which is a great help for human beings. Obstacle avoidance robotics is used for detecting obstacles and avoiding collisions. This is an autonomous robot. The design of the obstacle avoidance robot requires the integration of many sensors according to their task.

Obstacle detection is the primary requirement of this autonomous robot. The robot gets the information from the surrounding area through mounted sensors on the robot. Some sensing devices used for obstacle detection like bump sensors, infrared sensors, ultrasonic sensors, etc. The ultrasonic sensor is most suitable for obstacle detection and it is of low cost and has a high ranking capability.

What is RC-Control Robot?

Radio-controlled cars (or RC cars for short) are miniature model cars or trucks that can be controlled from a distance using a specialized transmitter or remote.

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