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An essential step-by-step course : learn how to read and write from arabic alphabet to actual words. No Step skipped!
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Course Instructor:
Adam Muhammad
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[100% Off] Beginners Arabic – Pronunciation, Reading and Writing Udemy Coupon

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If you are a complete beginner and want to be able to read and write Arabic language – This course if for you!

You will no more rely on transliteration to be able to read and write Arabic language.

How this course is organized

The complete course has three parts:

In Part 1 you learn how to read and write Arabic letters.

In Part 2 you learn how letters connect to each other. Arabic letters have different forms whether they appear in the beginning, the middle or the end of the writing – or even isolated! After learning the Arabic alphabet in Part 1, you learn the different forms of the Arabic letters when they appear in actual words!

In Par 3 you learn how to read actual words and sentences. 

This approach is very simple and easy to follow.

This course is the missing-link for serious learners who want to take their Arabic language to the next level!

Instructors: Adam Muhammad

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