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Ansible for Network Engineers - IOS, Junos, Arista Coupon
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[85% Off] Ansible for Network Engineers - IOS, Junos, Arista Course Coupon

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A course to make you an expert in Network automation using Ansible: covers Cisco IOS, Juniper, and Arista devices.

3.0 hr
15$ 99.99$
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A complete course with 31 videos, covers full installation using GNS3 for Cisco, Juniper, Arista. Has about 20 example playbooks written & executed live while recording. You will go through so many examples that writing Ansible playbooks will become a second nature to you.

The purpose of this course is to not only get you started but make you an expert in network automation using Ansible. You will go through enough theory that you will understand how Ansible works and then we will start writing Ansible code to communicate with your network devices. The course is divided into following major parts:

  • Setup topologies: We will setup topologies in GNS3 for Cisco IOS, Juniper OS, and Arista EOS

  • Ansible Essentials: A discussion around common management tools and Ansible architecture

  • Ad hoc commands: You will learn how you can use ad hoc commands to pull quick device information and for troubleshooting

  • Playbooks for Cisco: 8 Playbooks, covering device backups, setting banner, static routing & route re-distribution, OSPF, BGP, and access control.

  • Playbooks for Junos: 5 Playbooks, covering device backups, setting up static routing, enable system services, setup logging

  • Advance Ansible Concepts: Ansible loops, Variable scopes, Use of include statement

  • Playbooks for Arista: 4 Playbooks, covering device info collection, create vlans & SVIs, static routing, and layer 2 port configurations

Select this course, IF

  1. You are a network engineer and want to start working on automation - DevNet

  2. You want to become more productive by doing repetitive tasks using automation

  3. You are looking for a course that covers more than Cisco IOS - you will get exposure to Cisco, Juniper and Arista devices.

If you have time for only 1 course and you want to be confident in your Ansible skills then chose this one, I am sure you will not regret!

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