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[82% Off] Angular 13 - Beginner Practical Guide [2022] Course Coupon

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Duration: 8.0 hours

Your Best and Fastest Guide to Learn Angular with Real-World Practical Example

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Angular is a great frontend JavaScript & TypeScript framework which helps you to build powerful web applications for any goal.

There are big amount of courses that dive deeply into Angular which theory and hard to follow but sometimes you just want to build an entire app and see how it all works in practice. And this how I am building my courses always and my motto is LEARN BY DOING , this how I built my experience as a developer,

I don't like to do theoretical things, I like to do something Practical!

I always develop Real-World Applications and I want you to try that with me. Because sometimes you want to build the app and use all these great third-party packages that can add a lot of awesome functionalities to your Angular app!

This course covers exactly that!

We'll build an entire, real app which looks absolutely beautiful, uses PrimeNG Components Library and is extremely fast!

So the main technologies which we are going to cover are: 

- Angular 13, And Structuring your Project

- PrimeNg Material Library



- TypeScript

What will you learn in this course?

- Setting up the environment which will help you to be 99% productive while coding.

- The right extensions which you need to use for your code editor.

- Learn What are Angular Modules, Components, Pipes and Services.

- How to use Angular CLI (Command Line Interface).

- How to Structure you Angular Code in efficient way.

- How to build Angular Components and Make them reusable.

- Build Angular Services and grab data from real-world API

- Learn how to use API's and how to read data from them.

- Use HTTP services and Methods (GET, POST)

- Angular Routers and how to pass parameters through URL's

- How to make everything Typed and avoid run time errors.

- Create your own UI-Components from scratch to be able to use them any where (eg. Slider)

- Discover Web design patterns used by experienced engineers

- Building Responsive Application using a CSS Grid System

- Install and use PrimeNG Component Library and use Amazing Components for the Application.

- How to create a pagination for your data and load the data as page blocks.

- Tabs, Carousel, Sliders, Pagination, Video Player and Image Gallery.

- Build a Search feature for data in your app

- Build and Deploy Angular applications.

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