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Anger Management Coupon
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[70% Off] Anger Management Course Coupon

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1.5 hr
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This course is a journey from being angry towards becoming wise and peaceful. We go through the stages mentioned below during this process.

MODULE 1: * Awareness stage *
This module includes the following topics:
         * What is anger, and what other emotions hide beneath it?
         * Negative impacts of anger
         * Various sources of anger
         * Identifying your triggers and warning signs of body language.
This awareness stage serves as a foundation for moving on to the next stage of this course.

MODULE 2: * Manage your anger * 
In this module we cover:
          * Various Techniques for Dealing with Anger
          * How to raise your vibrational energy so that anger does not have the upper hand.
          * We discuss various physical and mental exercises that build inner strength, allowing lower energy emotions to lose their hold on you.
This stage includes a guided mindfulness meditation. Meditation will assist you in releasing tense emotions and starting to move toward peace.

MODULE 3: 'Heal your anger *
This module includes the following topics:
            * Power of forgiveness & letting go
            * Power of apology
            * Recognize the power of humour to calm people down.
            * The significance of appropriate vocabulary
            * Learn how to heal your inner child and increase your self-esteem.
The topics and worksheets from this stage assist you in releasing stored anger and restore your natural peace.

MODULE 4: 'Handling angry people'
This module includes the following topics:
            * Power of compassion

             *What is active listening & why is it important

             * 7 ways to refrain from taking things personally

Understanding and implementing these topics will help you maintain peace in everyday situations and improve your relationships.

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