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Android App Development - Complete Course Coupon

[82% Off] Android App Development - Complete Course Course Coupon

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Become an Android App Developer

3.0 hr
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Hello and welcome to the Android Developer Course. Throughout this course, you will learn how to develop a variety of Android applications. In preparing this course, I've done my best to bring about a decade worth of experience in teaching and developing mobile applications to you. We will begin with the simplest of topics to build our confidence and one step at a time move towards more complex and advanced topics. As a result, this course includes everything you need, to start your career as Android developer or develop the app that you have in mind.

That is done by carefully selecting the best and the latest technology and techniques and also making sure everything in the course has an absolute immediate benefit to you as a learner. Over a span of nearly six months, the content of this course has gone through a multitude of edits and the current curriculum brings about the best possible combination.

The course is designed in 18 sections and each section covers an area in its entirety. In what follows you can get a quick sense of what the 18 different sections will cover:

  1. Android Basics

  2. Kotlin Basics

  3. Intermediate UI

  4. Property Finder App (Sample UI Design App)

  5. Advanced Kotlin

  6. Advanced UI

  7. To-do App (Sample List Taking App)

  8. Touches and Animation

  9. Memory Game (Developing a Puzzle Game in Android)

  10. Maps and Location

  11. Testing and Debugging

  12. Media and Device

  13. Multitasking

  14. Persistent Data

  15. To-do List in Room (Adding Data Persistency to our To-do App)

  16. Networking and Web

  17. Firebase

  18. Cloud To-do List (Porting our To-do App to Firebase Cloud)

By going through these 18 sections, you will have a complete and thorough understanding of how to think about Android App Development as well as how to use the variety of tools to actually execute your ideas.

A lot of excitement ahead, and we look forward to see you at the finish line.

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