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Analog Engineering Interview Preparation (Analog CMOS IC) Coupon
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[-0% Off] Analog Engineering Interview Preparation (Analog CMOS IC) Course Coupon

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a crash course review of the common questions asked in the Analog Engineering Interviews

2.0 hr
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Please note this course is open and we would be adding content to it as we go based on student feedback on monthly basis

The Analog and RFIC Engineering Interview Preparation course is a summary of topics asked from our students over the past 6 years . This course does not guarantee your readiness for answering every single question of an Analog or RF interview as there are many topics and one might get a post doc and still be missing topics covered in Analog and RF Engineering however it is the most common questions we have seen used during different interviews from entry level test engineering all the way to RF Design positions.

For the past 4 years we have been providing hard copy of these questions to our 10000+ students around the world and those who have studied them have mentioned some questions had been similar to the topics covered however please note taking this course with no RF and Analog background or without review of fundamental topics included in our Rahsoft RF Engineering Certificate might help you on answering some question or for some maybe the chance of getting your feet in the door but it will not help you for surviving the actual job as dedication and depth study is needed on the Analog and RFIC Engineering related jobs.

Please keep in mind in order to have the minimum knowledge of the topics we recommend you study RAHRF101,RAHRF200,RAHRF201,RAHRF152 and RAHRF409 in order and for more advance topics refer to our RF Certificate page on all courses offered such as RAHRF412, RAHRF469,RAHRF526,RAHRF527

That said we will briefly go over top level RF and Analog topics which is the minimum each RF Analog engineer must know

We would be very grateful if you can message us if there was a topic or an interview question you were asked and we can see if it is related to add to our course.

Please note we are not allowed to help you with any interview question you have or recommend any guidance on work or school project. Please do not ask us questions which are out of the topics covered.

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