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Amazon KDP for Beginners: How to Generate Passive Income Coupon
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[25% Off] Amazon KDP for Beginners: How to Generate Passive Income Course Coupon

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Learn How To Create High Content And Low Content Books That Generate Monthly Income At No Cost

3.5 hr
15$ 19.99$
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Creating a source of PASSIVE INCOME is the key to achieving financial freedom! Successful people generate content or products that continue to make them money even after they have stop working on it. Making money online has never been easier and everything you need is right at your fingertips through Amazon KDP.

If you are looking at this course right now I want to congratulate you on already taking the first steps on your journey towards generating passive income. Even as a medical student I have found ways to generate side income to help supplement my daily living expenses, and SO CAN YOU! This course will teach you how to use FREE resources to create hundreds of income generating books that your future readers will not only buy but enjoy.

The success of this strategy MULTIPLIES with the amount of effort you are willing to put in! We will cover low content book creation and HIGH CONTENT BOOK, although the course will focus more on the later. My rationale for this decision stems from the ability to generate higher returns on your investment with high content books and the diminishing returns of low content book creation thanks to an oversaturated market.

Don't think you have the time? Save this course for later and come back when your schedule opens up! However, you will never make a dime if you keep pushing it off. The sooner you create a book the more sales you can generate and the more customer reviews you can receive. Your goal should be to enter this course with the ambition to publish within a month. If I can find time to create content for Amazon KDP while in medical school, SO CAN YOU!

The Honest Truth:

  • You probably won't retire off publishing on Amazon KDP, but that doesn't mean it won't afford you a new car or additional beach vacation trip.

  • If you don't work hard, invest some time, and do diligent research (as seen in the course), you won't get the results you want! Generating passive income comes at a cost upfront, but the investment will come to fruition in time. 

  • You won't regret creating content, even if you it doesn't sell to your expectations. Working on a passion project and bringing something you care about to the market will always be worth the time!

Welcome to the small cohort of creators and digital entrepreneurs who work for themselves, and not just an employers paycheck!

I hope you enjoy the course and I am always looking for constructive criticism. Please don't hesitate to leave comments and reviews!

Welcome to "Amazon KDP for Beginners: How to Generate Passive Income."

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