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Amazing 30 Minute Study Skill - Pass Exams Without Revision Coupon
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[73% Off] Amazing 30 Minute Study Skill - Pass Exams Without Revision Course Coupon

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My Unique Method: Just A Notepad And Thirty Minutes A Day - Results In Almost Total Memory Recall - Improve Exam Success

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WARNING: Many people poo-poo this idea when they first hear it. Make no mistake. This method, although simple, delivers incredible results.

Hi. My name is Ian Stables.

I discovered a very simple way of studying that gave me almost total recall at exam time.

Just over two hundred took a very difficult insurance exam. Only 10% passed. I Was One of Them.

Let me tell you, insurance was a very dry study subject indeed. I found it to be a real struggle to remember what I needed. Lots of dry facts, regulations, dates, and so on had to be remembered. I had to learn it. My employer had made it a requirement. My job depended on it.

I searched through all manner of study material. Searching for a method of study that would make it easier for me.

I came across a method that relied on computer software. I saw merit in it and found it to be very effective. However, despite its effectiveness, I also found it to be impractical.

After a lot of thought and testing, I came up with a practical way to use this method. All I needed was a small notepad, a certain way of imputing facts to be remembered, and an effective way to use it.

I used this method for twenty to thirty minutes, twice a day, while traveling.

In this short course, I show you how to set up your study notepad and use it to its greatest effect.

Benefits of this study method:

-- Almost total recall at the exam.

-- No final revision required.

-- Just twenty to thirty minutes, twice a day.

-- No need to lug heavy textbooks with you. Just a notepad.

Let me show you a far easier way to study and pass your exams. Join now.

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