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Duration: 5.0 hours

(Shaft alignment lessons course)

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Spin the shaft alignment to a place interested in shaft alignment.  This includes mechanics, electricians, managers, ship managers and supervisors.  Surveyors.  Insurance inspectors.  Naval Architects.  Naval engineers.  etc.

Machines that are precisely aligned work longer, and their operating cost is lower.  Alignment significantly reduces the life of bearings, seals, shafts and couplings.  This course will provide an overview of the benefits of alignment, soft foot correction, disc pointer and laser alignment methods, and how to move the machine.

Who should attend.

The Column Alignment course is ideal if you want to start your career as a shaft alignment expert.

On the other hand, if you want to learn more about shaft alignment, its benefits, and laser alignment procedures, this course will give you a very good introduction.

The importance of shaft alignment

Shaft alignment increases the operability of rotating machines.  Being that goal, which makes it more than you might expect.  If successful, the engine is the pneumatic actuator.  driven equipment.  Misalignment results in excessive vibrations, noise, coupling and bearing temperature increases, and premature failure of bearings, couplings, or shafts.  There are three types of motor misalignment

Parallel alignment occurs when the two central axis lines are parallel, but not in the same line.

The air column mixed misalignment occurred from both the angular misalignment and the angular misalignment simultaneously.

They are usually directly flexible with their loads by rigid or flexible joints.  Energy can be transferred from one area to another.

With our expert alignment basics course, you will gain knowledge of alignment that will help you become an expert in aligning machines.

Who is this course for

Maintenance Engineers

engineering graduates

college students

University students


Mechanical engineering

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